Blickfang Stuttgart Recap

Aline SeilerComment

Our second fair

Last weekend weekend we attended the Blickfang Design Fair in Stuttgart. It was our second experience attending one of these and we had such a good time.

Even though the placement of our booth was less than optimal we made the best out of it. Thank you again to our fabulous booth neighbors Frellini Jewelry and Å Pävi for making the long hours so much fun.

Our improvised booth

Our improvised booth

Lots of Feedback

Best thing about attending these design fairs is the conversations I get to have with you guys. I got so much positive feedback on my designs and had so many interesting conversations. What I find the most interesting is how many people tell me different things they miss in their current handbag and what they would be looking for in a new one.
Even though it gets really hectic and is sometime very tiring to be at the booth for 9 hours straight it was really nice to have these one on one conversations.

Me in front of the wall design with our banner

Me in front of the wall design with our banner

Back to work now

After having talked to all of you wonderful people I got back to fulfilling the orders I received. This may take a while. ;)

I’m very grateful for every single order I received this weekend, for everyone who came by and talked to me about my work and for all of the support from my boyfriend who sacrificed his whole weekend off to drive 500km and attend the whole fair with me.