The true value of quality

Aline SeilerComment

Couldn't care less

I have been thinking about the quality of products and how people think about their purchases in general lately. Wondering if quality has lost its value because people seem to care more about how much they consume than about what they actually buy. I have made the experience that people consume cheap products like crazy and don't even bother to look at the quality of that product. They care so little they don't even look at the things they buy up close. 

You made this?

What I have seen is people behaving the opposite way when they know the product was handmade. They start to look at the product in their hands as close as they can trying to find every little flaw there might be. Things they don't care about when buying a product for the same price at a big store. 

As for the leathergoods I produce I thrive to achieve the highest quality possible. I practice all of my leatherworking skills a lot and want all of my customers to be happy with what they buy from me. Even more so I want my products to become favorites and to be by your side for many years. 

Details of the hand stitched seam

Is quality a value of the old times

In a fast moving world like ours is quality of products a value no one needs anymore? Do we only want new stuff every week rather than high quality products that last a lifetime?

I feel like yes and no is the answer to those questions. I also like to change it up and not carry around only one handbag all the time. You want to switch it up from time to time. But also people start to actually care about the products they buy more. Individuality is part of that I guess. It's part of the reasons I started this business in the first place. Wanting to buy a fancy handbag but not liking anything out there because of little details on the bag I din't like. 

So yes, people like to consume a lot but I also feel like quality is getting more and more attention and people are actually willing again to pay for another persons work.

Handcrafted Iphone sleeve in the making

Handcrafted Iphone sleeve in the making

Let's bring it back

The true value of quality may differ very much from one person to another. I feel like great quality products mean much more to us than the all of the other products we buy on the go. It's that emotional value of handmade, high quality products that make them so attractive. Also personalization of products makes them even more special because they fit your very own needs. 

Quality is becoming a trend again. People seem to care more about what they buy and what the quality and therefore durability of the product is.

For me the true value of buying high quality and maybe even handmade products is the emotional assets these products have to offer. Due to durability you can go on many adventures, make experiences and collect memories with your high quality purchase. You might even get emotionally attached to one or the other product because of all of the memories you made together.

I can’t afford to buy cheap things
— A German saying

My grandma used that saying a lot. Meaning buying a lot of cheap stuff is more expensive than buying less, high quality products. I am trying to incorporate that more into my own life and hope I can serve you well on that with the leathergoods I produce.

How do you feel about the value of quality in our daily lifes?