ALINE SEILER - handcrafted leather bags

Giving you the opportunity to be involved in the design process, makes my vision of creating the handbag of your dreams become reality.
— Aline Seiler

The Idea

I had just started my career and wanted to get a high quality designer handbag. I began looking for one but became frustrated quickly because every bag I could find, was missing a feature I wanted. 

Why not just make your own? Well that sounded scary at first, but after several months the idea grew on me and I started to work for the dream. In the beginning of 2018 I finally made the big step and officially founded ALINE SEILER.


Style & Quality

When designing a new product I always strive for the two - minimal yet functional design with maximum quality. Nothing wildly over the top but a classic, you love to come back to again and gain.

Sourcing the highest quality of leather and hardware is also very important to me. The European leather I use is chosen thoughtfully. I also try to produce as little waste of the leather as possible. 

100% Handmade in Germany

When it comes to fashion and accessories we tend to forget to think about who produced the item we purchase. 

All of my products are 100% handmade and hand sewn in Germany. I produce them myself using the techniques the great Italian and French craftsmen haven been using for hundreds of years.